Italian Terrace design - the dolce vita invades outside

Want to revamp your terrace to the arrival of spring and summer? So do not hesitate to consult our ideas for deco terrace in Italian design. For a taste of la dolce vita, the pleasant mornings with an espresso or a cappuccino, with nice lunch with a good plate of pasta or pizza in the evenings with friends with a good wine, nothing better than to arrange the garden and its Italian terrace.

Wondering how? We give you our explanations below! In Italy, as in France, each region has its own image, its own kitchen, its own talk. And this also applies to architecture and decoration of the interior or exterior. To develop its Italian terrace, we must first know what is the region which we want to emulate. Is it North or South of the country? Do you like landscapes of small towns in the central part of Italy or do you prefer those villages at the edge of the sea? These are the first questions that you should try to find the answer.

Have you already determined your favorite area? Perfect ! Then see how to get terrace that approaches those houses that specific country. To simplify somewhat, we examine two cases: that of terraced houses in the central part of Italy and the outside at the edge of the sea.

If you want a first-type terrace, go for a design with shades of ocher, blue and green. It is the color palette of the region of Tuscany, Umbria and Emilia-Romagna. Opt for Italian design furniture (of course!), Which is made of wood or wrought iron. Adorn your outdoor space of many plants and flowers: fresh herbs, of course, but also flowers of pelargoniums, for example. also bet on the plant pots and other ceramic objects of natural shade.

For a terrace decoration near the seaside, choose stone coverings of a lighter color that would contrast with the color of the sky and water. White, typical for decoration inspired by the Greek islands, is not excluded either. After all, much of southern Italy was closely related to the Greek culture for a long period of his past. Furniture for outdoor space like this can be wood or iron but it can also be carved in stone. Plants preferred are those that are resistant to heat and, in particular, succulent.

Whatever the Italian region interests you, be sure to complete the decor of your terrace of a means of protection from the sun. Choose a pergola, an umbrella or a sheer shade and arrange a garden around it. If you enjoy cooking, consider also the possibility of equipping your outdoor fireplace or fireplace where you can prepare evening meals. Now try our collection of photos of beautiful Italianate terraces to see more decor suggestions:    

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