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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Make a waterfall in the garden and enjoy the harmony of nature

Waterfall in the garden - 99 ideas on how to spice up by self-made, waterfall or fountain garden

To build a waterfall in the garden yourself, is easier than it might sound for most people. All you need is especially a basin, a pump and access to electricity. They require little space. Even in a very small garden, creating beautiful waterfalls. They look still picturesque, mystical and simply enchanting.

Important rules that you should keep in the design of a waterfall in the garden in the head
Here are some important rules that you should always have in mind. When you do this, you avoid errors and to ensure excellent results in designing the garden waterfall.

    The garden waterfalls have to look from all places in the garden beautiful.
    Align yourself with the planning of the natural slope of the landscape on which you build.
    In some gardens it works easier to make more waterfalls than one.
    The Garden Waterfall must harmoniously enroll in the garden design and not as "put out".
    You should Garden waterfalls and fountains positioned so that you can enjoy them from your home easier.
    Use for shaping stones that are typical for your environment, so your garden waterfall look more natural.
 More exotic stones ensure appropriate publication. Look for this solution that best enrolls in your interior design.

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