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Friday, March 18, 2016

Espaliers in the garden grow on fences and walls

Espaliers is the perfect choice if you have a small garden and still want to plant and harvest crops. With Espaliers You can use namely the level, because you get a vertical garden. You can create on the wall or on a fence. These are namely wonderfully warmed by the sun and offer perfect conditions for the plants to thrive can.

Espaliers in the garden is in fact not for beginners and should be considered only if there is sufficient time for care can be invested and certain skills are available. Even losses are totally not uncommon and should be the gardener aware.

In addition to vines, you can grow even sweet and sour cherries, blackberries, apricots, apples and pears. The Espaliers in the garden is not only a useful thing in terms of the harvest, but also visually seen a wonderful decoration and ideas for design of the garden. Prepare soon everything before, because the last frost will soon be the past and it is then time to spice up the garden.

The vine is a great choice if you want to provide some southern flair in the garden or just love grapes. The wine Rege as Espaliers in the garden needs a lot of sun and is generally very care. The place should also be as sheltered, so the wall is a good choice. For vines welcomes both wire and rods, grid or even ropes.

The thick branches should in this case be attached to the skeleton, that it is on the outside. The fruit-bearing branches may be located behind it. Namely, they are cut off so or so later. An important section is carried out at this Espaliers in the garden in winter. In summer, possibly a second. The grapevine can be high up to 10 meters. A regular pruning to keep them low is important. Select grapes in green, yellow, red or blue color.

Very popular and, as well as the vine well known, the pears are as Espaliers in the garden. The warm wall space also makes it possible to cultivate southern varieties. so choose as an ideal location a sunny such. South or west walls are particularly well suited. The floor must be warm and profound.

See some great ideas for insiration in following images, and if you decide to have them in your garden, make a good research before that.   

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