Small pools for small backyards

When summer is presented at the door of our homes we want to enjoy the most of our terraces, patio our gardens and courtyards. That is why today we will see examples of small pools, which will have luxury of reduced dimensions in your garden or yard. So nothing will prevent you from enjoying a swim in your small yard.

Size does not matter, and not go to the other side I mean the pools. When it comes to freshen things go even if you have a small yard where we can put a small pool. If you want to enjoy your pool in the summer should get to work as soon as possible, because if according to the type of pool will take more or less time to install.If we choose to do your own work, you will take at least a month to make it, but if you choose a ready model time will be greatly reduced.

If you decide to place a small pool on your terrace should consider the weight that can withstand the floor. That "we recommend that you ask the opinion of an engineer or topographer before you do anything to avoid problems.
I'm sure many of you would like to place a small pool in your houses, and if you can't like me, you should always have a fan haha.

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