86 Garden ideas in City style make -transform the outdoor area

We make garden ideas in City-style which enchant your balcony

In winter there are various strategies to warm up. Such would be to think of summer themes. That's why we decided, right now is the right time to raise the issue of garden design again. Today is about the little green plants. It continues to be about the so-called garden design in City Style.

Be creative with what you have

The examples below do not show so much, you need to buy to make a beautiful garden design. It's more about making the most of it, what you already have anyway. It's about design know - how. Through this also the smallest patio or balcony restricted in a desirable garden can convert. This place can be so beautiful that you will have no desire to leave him. Go get creative with everything: colors, textures, furniture selection and distribution.
The plants growing in a City Garden is a tricky thing. There is no doubt, and it is worth no discussion. You need a lot of inventiveness and practical knowledge. Values exactly the conditions in your garden. Is it shady, it is dry or there is too much moisture and water? Do not try to fight it. There is for all the matching plants and the appropriate care.
Inspiration from around the world

Big cities, there are around the world. Their inhabitants have much in common. For example, they look for something more natural. The Little City Garden is a wonderful opportunity to meet this need. Everywhere there are different creative examples of how to deal with this topic. Do not be afraid to draw inspiration.

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