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Thursday, May 5, 2016

50 Japanese curtains Ideas - Eastern word in the design of the windows

The inherent style of traditional Japanese minimalism is most clearly manifested in the appearance of Japanese curtains - new and not quite familiar to the layman fashion design not only windows, but also the walls, doorways and niches. Fabric panels, reminiscent of the screen or curtains can become a harmonious part of the interior, and the semantic center of stylistic composition. Concise and easy to install and maintenance, Japanese curtains are an example of a combination of maximum functionality and visual appeal of the decorative element.
 Japanese curtains - is a composition of multiple fabric panels in width from 40 to 80 cm, which can move freely in a special multi-layer eaves. Cornice mounted on the wall or ceiling, depending on which part of the room the curtains need to decorate. Aluminium profile eaves multiple (2 to 5) rows of panels intended tissue, the method allows to vary the movements of curtains. This manual method will allow sliding the curtains have in any order, while the rope or electric mechanism will move the panel is always on the same circuit.

Japanese curtains require space: they look particularly impressive on the big bright windows. For small spaces and modest-sized windows are the curtains are too heavy and massive. But if you only use light fabrics and bright colors, even for a small room such decoration of the window opening can be a good design solution. 

Check many examples of great  Japanese curtains ideas in following images.

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