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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The beautiful design of the bathroom - 120 photos of different design styles

It's nice to see the beautiful design of the bathroom, photo does not always convey the care and proper selection of interior parts, but they have great respect for the style of the room can be seen. Thoughtful design, so that it was really made with taste, - a non-trivial task, which often do not cope very well even designers. If you plan to create an interior bathroom by yourself, then prepare for a long and painstaking selection of all the details - from materials to finish the selection of plumbing and accessories.

Modern design
If you go to the bathroom and can not interpret its style, used in the decoration of modern popular materials (ceramic tile, PVC panels, etc.), furniture and plumbing is also nothing special do not differ, then the so-called modern interior design. There is nothing wrong to make such a design in your own apartment. On the contrary, modern bathroom design is attractive, fully corresponds to the functional purpose of the premises, and the cost and time required for repair will be minimal compared to many other possible styles.


Contemporary - pretty young style, which recently began to apply for bathrooms. He appeared through a modernist style and minimalism.

Decoration of surfaces. There is no strict criteria for the design of walls, ceiling and floor. It is preferable that these were soft colors or pure white surface.

Plumbing should have a simple shape and smooth surface.

Bathroom furnishings in country style

Rustic and cozy country simply fit even in a small room for hygiene procedures.

Decoration of surfaces is done in bright colors with floral design. No special requirements for materials and texture.

Scandinavian style

The functionality, usability, and increase the visual space - this is what attracts those people who choose the Scandinavian style of the bathroom.

Surface decoration may be carried out using any material other than wood and stone. It is desirable to perform all in white or in shades close to it (light beige, pale pink, pale yellow, etc.).

American style
Bathroom Design in American style has some unexpected features.
Surface decoration is unusual in that pink is often used. It is rarely used for bathrooms and almost not used in other styles. If you pink for some reason does not appeal, then use any other light colors and shades.
Plumbing can be any date, at your discretion.
Furniture choose soundly, but not large. No frills to the room seem more spacious.

Japanese style

Simplicity, harmony and oriental appeal enigmatic Japan made her one of the most popular styles of design in the last couple of decades. How to equip a bathroom in the Japanese style, if it is small in size?

Surface decoration may be performed in two ways. The first - is the desire to light natural pastel shades. The second - using contrasting colors (gray, white, red, black).
Bathroom in minimalism style is attractive for its functionality, convenience and brevity.
Decoration surfaces should be carried out using the 3 basic colors: white, gray and black.
Plumbing must be simple lines, not to attract attention.
Furniture only necessary, of any material, but subject to the overall color concept of space.
The lighting and windows. Even if the room is a window, it should not be much to decorate. It only allowed blinds. Lighting should be simple and moisture-resistant.
Accessories and jewelry can complement a room, but must perform any function. This may be a television, a set of minimum essential accessories for the bathroom, anti-slip mat.

High tech
Some confuse style minimalism and high-tech, although quite a lot of differences between them. If you look at photos of several variants of bathrooms in both styles, then clearly you feel the difference between them.
Decoration of surfaces is usually done with the use of contrast (red + black, white + black, red + white, sometimes supplemented with gray), which is really very similar to minimalism. Finishing materials should not be natural.
Plumbing can be a simple or ultra-modern, equipped with many additional functions (lights, radio, hydro and so on.).


The originality, sophistication combined with the simplicity of a loft - a loft style. It is rarely used for the bathrooms, but this does not become less interesting. Rather, quite the contrary. You will understand why as soon as look at the photo of finished "attic" bathrooms.
RetroShow your commitment to the financial solvency and the patriarchal past you can create an interior bathroom in retro style.
Decoration of surfaces to perform better in basic colors style: white, red and black. The use of other colors: gold, beige, bronze. Walls can be with the use of strips, and simple monograms large patterns.
Plumbing should have a vintage feel. If you buy a real antique bath or toilet, then they have to remake a modern sewage system.

Vintage style

Bathroom in vintage style will require a serious approach to its decoration and selection of every detail, but in the end you do not get a room with the original design, but a real work of art!
Classic style

The richness and beauty of the classical style in the design of bathrooms attract many, but to perform well a design is difficult and expensive.

Shabby chic

Decoration bathroom in style Shabby chic is particularly luxurious. It is replete with gilded moldings and original objects.

Romance style

If the size of your home allows to follow the Romanesque style, then you will be able to perform it as bathroom décor. For this style is very suitable for such determinations as the firmness, stability and representativeness.
English style

Bathroom in English attracts with its understated simplicity, precision and elegance.

Mediterranean style

If you want to create a room in the apartment, where they will rule relaxation, bliss and comfort, then do the bathroom decor in Mediterranean style.

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