Pomegranate as health agents and fine decorative ingredient

Pomegranate (Grenadine) - a red wonders for our health

Almost all red fruits are powerful antioxidants. They are super healthy for people who want to strengthen their blood vessels. Red fruits help further in the fight against free radicals.

The botanical name of the pomegranate fruit is Punicagranatum. Many cultures and religions know it.

The pomegranate is used in many countries. The most delicious is in Iran, the Himalayas and northern India. Pomegranates watch continues in southern Europe, Afghanistan, southern France and in other warm countries.

In the market of pomegranate is offered all year long. However, in the northern hemisphere it matures from September to January. That is its season here.

Pomegranate is also growing in the Southern Hemisphere. There is his highest season from March to May.
In pomegranate abstains from so-called material Punicalagin. It greatly affects the heart and blood vessels. When regular pomegranate consumption can reduce your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. The ingredients of pomegranate remove harmful plaque in our blood vessels. Therefore the pomegranate is used for prophylaxis against arteriosclerosis.
In pomegranate continues contains so healthy polyphenol. This is a strong antioxidant. The polyphenol protects us from heart and circulatory problems and can slow the aging process.
All components of the pomegranate are healthy. This applies both for the interior as well as for the shell of the fruit. In the pomegranate there are manganese and iron. These ingredients are very healthy in anemia and poor nutrition.

Because he is a source of iron, the pomegranate is also recommended during pregnancy.

Vitamin K, C and E are also included in it. Furthermore, there is the soft part of the fruit, vitamin PP. The pomegranate fruit also contain potassium, which is very effective in the prophylaxis of high blood pressure.
The dry shell of pomegranate is highly appreciated for its beneficial properties. Cooked as tea it has a promoting effect on the nervous system. Through such a drink, you could continue to improve your sleep. The dry and cooked rinds regulate the working of the intestines.

Granatapfeltee can help an even diarrhea. However, in this case, you should be careful that you do not overdo it. Otherwise, there may be some other complications.
Pomegranate contains many acids. For this reason it is important that you brush your teeth after eating. If you do not, will quickly afterwards damaged the tooth enamel.

You can limit this harmful effect. Drink pomegranate juice in principle through a straw home.
There are many delicious and interesting recipes with pomegranate. These are salads, sauces and exotic meats. We strongly recommend to experiment with it.  

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