Magical Yards of Cordoba

In Andalusia it announces scents of spring, when the courtyards of Cordoba open to the public.
In the first week of April you can now visit about 23 yards in the most typical neighborhoods,the city, the Jewish Quarter, Santa Marina, San Agustin, Alcázar Viejo, etc. But the greatest attention

It is centered between 7 and 18 May which is when the competition is celebrated courtyards.

At this time the entry is free and disclosed yards who have been award winners in different categories.
Throughout the year, these places lovingly cared for, so coming spring with its explosion life, flower and filled with beauty and fragrances these landmarks that are the courtyards of Cordoba.

These sites are unique in the world and behind their colorful, are a number of people throughout the year have dedicated their efforts to the early spring, visitors can enjoy this wonder of nature, enhanced by the effort of some people who love plants and these patios.

The typical Andalusian courtyard has an Arabic origin, where they used to keep cattle during the Muslim era on the peninsula, horses, etc. They are enclosures within the housing in the passing of the years have gone by conditioning as places decorated with tiles and pots with all kinds of flowers, being able to compete with each other for their special beauty that has attracted the interest of the people.  

There are countless courtyards in all Andalusian provinces, as the house often built this interior sheltered from view and certainly from theft of livestock during the eight centuries Muslims who remained in Spain.

However, the most famous are those of Córdoba Patios are the most popular because both by Spaniards and tourists who love these places to take beautiful pictures. 

Decorated with pretty colored tiles and potted flowers of various kinds,Spring in Cordoba is a song of light, color and love of flowers and life. 

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