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Monday, October 9, 2017

Open kitchens for stylish homes

Modern ideas of open kitchen

Has it ever crossed your mind to integrate the kitchen with the dining room? Believe it or not, for some time, it is something that is being seen a lot in decoration magazines. D'not you decide? In an earlier article, we talked about the advantages and disadvantages of an open kitchen. If you are attracted to the idea we invite you to continue reading this article where we will show you several images of open kitchens for houses with style. You will surely love it.

It is true that many homes, above all modern ones, are already designed with the integrated kitchen and dining room. But maybe you're thinking of remodeling and changing the look of your conventional kitchen.

The comfort of open kitchens for stylish houses

Yes, we always talk about the beauty of open kitchens, putting above all their aesthetic power, but the truth is that open kitchens are, above all, comfortable. Imagine an open space where you can cook while conversing with your guests, your partner or children. A space without barriers by which you can move with total ease. Family dinners will not be as before, you will not have to rush out of your kitchen whenever something important happens. Also, when it comes to picking up the table, it is always easier if we have everything close, d' not you think? 

The kitchen bars

It is clear that the open space is original, comfortable and beautiful. However, it is often necessary to make a separation, albeit a visual one, to determine the areas of our large multipurpose room. Kitchen bars can serve very well for this purpose. We can use it as a breakfast bar, with some stools. This space will serve to divide the kitchen area with the rest of the room, whether it is a dining room or a living room.

Kitchen islands

Kitchen islands also serve to separate environments in open kitchens. It is much more complex to do with them than with a bar because the truth is that the bar visually cuts both areas. Even so, if we place stools or place the rest of furniture of the living room or dining room with her back, we will ensure that the areas are completely differentiated without problems. In addition, we can not deny that kitchen islands are a delight, which also aesthetically gain any ideas we may have for our new kitchen.

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