Decorated rooms with trunks - 42 great ideas

The chest became an item to further incorporate into the decor and style of your room. In addition to bringing convenience and sophistication, this can be found in any style because of the variety of materials and finishes.

In the bedroom, the trunk is for storing objects or bedding - usually positioned on the edge of the bed or as lateral support nightstand. The latter option, for example, can create amazing results in the room.

Another advantage of the chest decorator versatility since it has different sizes, shapes and finishes. If the proposal is a masculine bedroom, dare in leather and metal. If you prefer more rustic or tropical styles, choose a chest straw or wood with that good old touch. Other proposals may come across a good project joinery and finishes like lacquer, colors, frames, etc.

Check out some models of great trunks to easily accommodate in your room. Remember that this is part of its ambience, but in no circumstances be the centerpiece of your room.  

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