Bohemian style - a house full of mystery

Any traveling soul loves retain small objects or souvenirs from his travels. A postcard, some crafts, airline tickets ... A great significance can be saved. If you are someone who accumulate all kinds of souvenirs at home and your space just looking like a real bazaar, bohemian style is designed for you. Do you know it?


Colored glass lanterns Moroccan air, carpets that tell stories ... Objects with character are essential in any bohemian space. But calm down! You do not need you scroll through thousands of kilometers to find the perfect items, can get a real bohemian style, just with a few tricks. Look at these we propose you.

Plants, plants and more plants: plants, in addition to purify the air and promote a healthy environment for our house, are ideal for a more natural look and relaxed in any space. Depending on the type of plants we choose will get very different results. Are the most appropriate for a bohemian living? Try a hanging plants or different types of cactus.

Bright colors: bohemian decor is not a style that is characterized by its simplicity. Unlike! The use of bright colors is required to create spaces that awaken our creativity and draw the artist within. Do not be afraid of impossible combinations and take on a carpet cushion or bright colors.

Mix of cultures: Try spaces where there is a coexistence of different cultures. A low couch full of cushions, for example, is perfect to inspire your living room in the more traditional Morocco. Grab Buddhist artifacts, oriental furniture, figurines of African air ... All's fair in boho chic deco.   

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