15 proposals to have a Nordic Christmas tree

Nordic and Scandinavian style are already fully installed in the decoration trends. Two unique styles that complement each other and that have enormous benefits for those who have them at home. But in addition to using them to decorate our house throughout the year, they can be ideal to decorate for Christmas. Why? Because we will have a simple, elegant and natural Christmas decoration. And another advantage ... it will be very easy to decorate.

26 Beautiful Christmas tree designs to try

And following the premises of these decorative styles, there are some trends that are taking more and more strength. Find a natural tree that you like and do not decorate it. Or simply place it in the container or base of your preference that can be a beautiful flowerpot, a box, a basket or any other object that you have. You can add only some lights or a star at the tip. And maybe, if we want to go a little further, some simple ornaments. Let's see some ideas where all these proposals are combined and we can choose which of them we like most of our house.

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