60 Photos decoration in New York style

For those who always wanted to live in an apartment cosmopolitan style and have a space with a lot of personality and attitude can already put together an incredible project based on tips and secrets below which no account!

The New Yorker style is known for having an eclectic decoration in which the furniture and materials are contrasted between rustic and youthful. One of the strengths are the panoramic views, so the large window openings are key parts inside the apartment, taking a remarkable natural lighting. The large glass facade is seen both the windows and inside environments partition function.

Another essential feature is the apparent pipes and structures - which refers to the industrial style. The urban touch can not miss the environment - this can be found in art with graffiti and posters for decoration, for example. Coatings for this proposal are the building blocks the view, burnt cement, exposed concrete and wood. Always remembering that the decor is clean and minimalist.

The loft exemplifies the style New Yorker, as it has almost all of the above. And the environments are viewed in an integrated manner, with a bedroom, bathroom, living rooms and kitchen.
To decorate your home in the style of the most exciting city in the United States, split 60 incredible references to inspire its newest environment:

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