Diy vintage drawers

A great tutorial for make vintage patina drawers with chalkpaint that will adore anyone in your home.

  • The first thing to do is to  sandpaper to the cabinet to remove any splinter.
  • Once we remove the dust that has left us sanding we can put the first coat of paint.
  • I use two colors because I wanted a vintage effect, but instead of pickling, use another technique, we were taught in the workshop, which I already knew, yet you've taught, and that is to make a false pickling. Once it is dry the color you want to display in full with a brush (I will recommend an old one that has widely spaced bristles, I always keep some old brushes to this technique) because with this we give short brush strokes and fast in natural areas such as corners degaste. 
  • Once dry with a steel wool sanding some strokes to integrate with the first color.
  • Now we only have to wax to protect our project.  
What I like a lot of powdered chalk paint is its effect, and you do not need no sanding or priming, covers a lot, used very little paint and above the brushes with soap and water wash. 

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