10 ideas for outdoor spaces with plenty of color

Would you like to liven up your yard, garden or terrace and do not know how? We make it easy with these 10 ideas for outdoor spaces with plenty of color. 

In addition to the green plants and textiles, let's not forget that flowers can give that colored dot that both crave. We seek flowering plants, because they fill our living space, and in addition why not use garland lights, such as those of paper that are sold in many stores?
A table at which to sit for tea or coffee, it is almost a "must". And if we have the possibility of having a much better wood deck. But not only we stay with that, the wood is warm, yes, but we can fill it with color or using some colorful cushions and other textile umbrella. Flowers around a few tables outside and do the rest.
The same applies to the pergolas, which can also be a magical corner evade. What about our arbor or pergola would be curtains.
And as the light is important, especially to enjoy our patio at night, always be an excellent choice to get lamps in bright colors as possible, with an oriental touch that will make our garden a more zen place.
If you have enough space you have put a large sofa as like it were an outside room. As we can see in this option, the sofa is work, it just added colorful pillows and the result is beyond amazing, a real dream.   
A nice breakfast table can be ideal on our terrace What do you think if the paint also some striking color.
What did you think for our proposals? What all would you prefer? We hope that some of them will inspire you to give color to your outdoor spaces. 

Images via: estiloydeco.com 

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