Create beautiful home candleholder

Do you like candles? We love as part of the decoration of a home. Therefore, the candle holders also fascinate us. We can buy another, but also are elements that can be easily made at home with few materials.

We can start with typical tin chandeliers. To do this, just we need a tin can fit in a candle. We'll create a loop, if you like, with wire, and can pierce to get a word or silhouette to decorate. Some paint and go. The result is really lovely.

If we find the typical metal cubes in miniature, we can make this as attractive as DIY, a cube with artificial moss in which to place a pretty candle, certainly a magical chandelier

The glass we also like to create DIY candle holders. For example, we can take a small glass tumbler and decorate the outside with flowers or branches; And the advantage of glass is that its visual lightness accept any adornment.

One option that fascinates us is the use of bottles as candle holders. We can cut, with a special machine for glass, the bottom of the bottle, creating an ideal cavity to protect our sail.

What do you think of the proposals? Do you dare to make your own candle holder? We hope that these ideas will inspired you. 


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