A dreamcatcher on the bed

"Legend has it that there was a spider woman named Asibikaashi caring people of the land. The Spider Woman, watched over every creature of our world, bending over cribs and children's beds while weaving a thin, delicate and strong web that was able to catch all wrong between his son and make it vanish at dawn "

Knowing the legend, it is easy to understand why dreamcatcher placed on the headboard of the bed. We have seen both adults and children's bedrooms in different versions but sharing common characteristics; those that marked the people, where they originated.

Their ring represents the wheel of life, the mesh or network are the dreams that we weave in Time of dreams, soul and movement that we generate with our daily activities. In the center of the network is empty, the creator spirit, the "Great Mystery". That is the rationale for each of the elements catchers.

They can be made in different materials and colors. However, popular remain those natural fibers whose production used and have therefore neutral, smooth and / or toasted colors. They fit in all environments; Bohemian both rooms, as rustic or modern. 


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