40 Decoration ideas for crafting with corks

Tinkering with corks is fun and gives art

We are always glad to welcome you with newer and fresher ideas! Today we want to be a bit creative while remaining sustainable. In today's article we present a collection of  
valuable ideas that are tinkering with cork. For this purpose you should long and patiently collect your wine corks. You might say to your friends and relatives know and collect them for your project.
 DIY ideas and tinkering with natural materials are issues that are still current in the foreseeable future. The reuse of used goods is a trend that can only increase. In this sense, you can not go wrong. It would be best if you think creatively and innovatively and before you throw something away, you might think about its functionality a few times.

Check our today ideas and get isnpired. 

via: freshideen 
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