Wall Murals - a trend in interior design for 2016

Trendy Wall Murals 2016
Every New Year is a good opportunity for a new start or a change. If you are not ready for it to change your hair style or to quit smoking, the renovated home is a very good idea. This will charge you with energy and ensure a positive start in the new year.

Start the change by putting on Wall Murals, which are among the most popular fashion trends in interior design. We offer you some advice on what you should look at the array of designs for 2016.

The expensive and beautiful materials are still a dominant trend in interiors. The fabric wallpaper embody fully the idea of luxury, actuality and personality of the house. Such Wall Murals are popular as a decoration for the bedroom and living room. The pursuit of the designer to naturalism is manifested by the use of natural materials such as bamboo and cork with Japanese and Chinese motifs.

Those of you who place a value on Practical can opt for fiberglass wallpaper. Robust, highly technological and at the same time ecologically pure, this material is insatiable for the furnishing of offices and industrial premises.

The paper and vinyl wallpapers are definitely the trend of the season, but they are an integral part of the decoration and classic among wallpapers. The vinyl wallpaper in marble or stone look are an ideal wall decoration for the hall. The washable Wall Murals Vinyl are an appropriate and useful alternative for the kitchen and other problematic areas. 

Modern wallpapers in 2016 suggest the existence of a complex texture and imitation of natural materials and the use of natural motifs - stone, shells and wood. The marble-like texture comes out of the bathroom and goes into the living room. set for the dormitories Designer on suede and velvet.

This year, the abstract designs out of fashion are out. In their place, the plant motifs come. Nature photos animals are especially popular. Everything about traveling is tempting - mountains, ocean floor and even geographical maps are now in demand. If you have decided to sit on those, then you choose models with optical effects.

The designers recommend us to use the wall wallpaper as an accent. In this way you will highlight one of the room walls. The design of all walls with wallpaper is not advisable, because that the effect will be lost and the room looks cluttered.

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