Spring decoration with floral wallpaper

Wallpapers have long been trend, and we have seen countless spaces and all kinds of colors and prints. Its variety makes them very versatile and valuable in giving a facelift to an entire room, as well decorate the walls in an incredible way. So today we'll talk floral wallpaper as a trend for spring.

By the spring everything is full of flowers on the outside, but the fact is that at home we also see this trend. Firms rush home textile collections where floral prints always appear as protagonists, so no wonder wallpaper with flowers are also a good idea to renovate the home.

The living room is one of the big winners of this wallpaper. As you see, we can create truly amazing spaces without wallpaper seem much more empty and boring. Just pick a pattern that matches the style of your room.

The pastel shades are a trend, so you can also find floral prints with these very soft tones. As soft colors are always a good idea if we want to create, but much more serene atmosphere cheerful.
With really intense shades to liven up the rooms. for only the boldest in a matter of decoration, furniture and textiles and tones contrasting with the wall to stand out.  

This is a variant of floral print, but is such a beautiful and romantic idea that we needed to share. Printings in which there are also birds, for a totally natural and spring in any area of the house touch. It is an ideal role for a living, for entry or nursery. 

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