60 Coat Racks ideas for rooms

The coat rack is a great accessory to have in the room, as well as decorating, is a powerful organizer for clothes and accessories. Discreet, versatile and visually light, also takes up little space for his lanky form. So it is an essential item for those who like to leave everything neat and orderly.

One of its benefits is that it fits into any space - from behind the door, hung on walls or left in an "abandoned" corner in your room.

There are several models of racks. The classic is the famous macaw or also called floor coat rack. Already the wall have hooks. Alternatively, opt for the replacement of traditional cabinet that occupies a larger space on the wall. And for those who prefer more bold items with a different finish or design can also find numerous on the market.

The clothes rack in the room facilitates the organization of the clothes as it leaves them exposed and always "in hand" for the next day. Already in a children's room, it is recommended that you have to learn from an early age the child to leave his room properly organized.

Check out in our special gallery, 60 models of this decorative item for you to clean up the clutter without losing the style and seek the inspiration you need here:

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