Highlights of the Cottage style

The cottage style, which is also known as Country Chic, is a beautiful decorative style inspired by the English country houses. It has a classic, elegant and charming touch. It is able to create full adorable stays magic. Would you like to learn more about this style?
Here are some ideas that you can include in your next remodeling. Try the cottage style and gives personality to your home. From materials, prints, antiques and pastel colors. Everything can add up to create a living room, kitchen or bedroom cottage.

Cottage style materials

Although many materials that can be included within this style, the fact is that wood is perhaps the most used. It makes sense, since it is a kind of decoration inspired cottages. In addition, we can also introduce elements with wrought iron and iron and even delicate porcelain. Where to use wood and other materials? Furniture, walls and floors. Wooden floors are welcome, but also the paneled walls.

Colors for style cottage

The range of colors and shades that best fits the décor of light colors. It is a romantic, delicate style therefore wear white or pastel colors always give good results. We can varnishing wood tones or mixing these natural wood chairs with pastel color, for example. However, it is also possible to put, occasionally, some tune with nature, stronger, breaking and dynamic and create a decorative clear focus. These darker shades can dress with floral motifs, for example.

Printings in the cottage

Yes, the prints are allowed. As we mentioned in the previous point, the flowers are always welcome in the cottage. Here we can try to let our imagination. We can put these patterns on walls or trim, maybe at the bottom of a cabinet or risk everything and put a large floral carpet or floral wallpaper on the ceiling. However, be careful, recharge stay with these prints could be bad idea. It is better counter with simple furniture without too many frills.

Unique pieces with vintage flavor

Yes, in this style we can also include (indeed, must) antique pieces. Dust off all family memories that have at home. Old cages, nice rocking chairs, everything is welcome, provided it has with that country, cake and delicious touch that fits both the Cottage style. We can restore them but always trying to give them an antique feel. Stripping wood, for example, works really well.

And now you know a little more about this decorative style, what do you think?  

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