Easter Basket Crafts - create your personal Easter decoration

Easter basket tinker with fresh grass

And again Easter is soon at the door. The beautiful spring brings everything around to new life. The birds fly and breed their babies in the nests, the trees are covered with delicate flowers and the whole mood is much more positive.

Each of us is looking for new and original Easter decorations and Easter eggs for a more interesting design. Our proposal today we find very interesting and it will especially enjoy the craft fans among you. Would you like to tinker a Easter basket?

To arrange a Easter basket with fresh grass, is a beautiful decoration idea! The best thing about this craft idea is that the basket is maintained for a long time after Easter and you can arrange these new fresh or artificial flowers.

In a few easy steps you will tinker a nice Easter basket, which is not only great, but practically also for further use. Obtain the following materials:

     a container
     potting soil
     Grass seeds
     Water Spray for flowers
     a basket of the same size container

Step 1 - Put the gloves on. Fill the container with potting soil and distribute it evenly.

Schrit 2 - Sprinkle the
Grass seeds above the earth and sprinkle with water.

Step 3 - Place the container in a sunny and warm place. Keep the potting soil moist by watering it every day. After 7 to 10 days, the lawn will begin to sprout.

Step 4 - After the rye grass has grown enough, place the container in the appropriate bin. Decorate with Easter decorations to your taste.

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