Glass vases Decoration - 21 ideas for more spring home

We would like to offer you our collection of ideas on how to properly Decoration spring flowers in large glass vases and thereby invite the long-awaited freshness and Green in your home. Even before the nature, then bring with colorful bouquets the warm winds in your apartment.

Sparkling any dull corner in good humor the Bunnies, if you put a vase of glass with a self-arranged bouquet corresponding amount there. This allows the empty spaces bring to bear in the living area color and geometric. The green leaves of cut flowers as well as the different kinds of binding greenery allows with its glorious splendor for lively minds in spring. Blooming magnolia and Forsythia branches along with hyacinths and daffodils are the matching plants to decorate in glass vases so that the magical feeling of the season takes over your apartment.

In every kitchen are forgotten in dark cupboards floor vases that you use only for special occasions. This can be well used as housing your spring decorations of fresh flowers and not only in the cases when pompous bouquets are given. In the picture bellow you can see a hint of the professional florist. Through a grid of transparent tape higher cut flowers and branches can be attached in the correct position at the arrangement in a low, round vase. Thereby the flowers between the napkin Green are distributed in the planned proportion.
Because of the transparency of their walls, the glass vases are popular as vessels in floristry. They will provide the ability to create effective vases fillings under powerful bouquets. The variety of materials used is large - from driftwood, over green moss, to fruits or branch sections.

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