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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Decorate with green plants your bathroom

Use plants to decorate our hall or lounge is commonplace; but it is not find in the bathroom. Precisely so unusual is a proposal, however, interesting. Plants can give much life to a bathroom decorated in neutral tones, we show you!

The spaces that are inspired by nature and move outside to inside our home, have gained great prominence last year. Betting on green plants as a decorative element is probably one of the easiest ways to achieve this bombshell. You want to know how to do it in the bathroom?

Analyzes the conditions of space
Before launching into the bathroom decorating with plants, it analyzes whether the space is appropriate for them to grow. Do you have plenty of light? If the answer is yes Keep going! The bathroom is usually a hot humid place; features combined with appropriate light, provide a suitable habitat.

If the bathroom meets both conditions, the next step is to determine what the space occupied plants. Do we have room for one, two or three? Plants should not hinder us or alter the functionality of the bathroom. We will choose to locate a place near the window, which is not necessary to move them every day. 

When we have plenty of natural light the range expands. We can add to the list: pothos, sinjonio, croton or anthurium, among others. All of them are green or light colored plants. Flowering plants are generally more delicate, being the begoña and hyacinth which are best suited to these spaces.

Now that you have more information, you'll encourage some plants decorate the bathroom? You can place them on a counter, on the floor or hang from the ceiling. Inspired images and create your own oasis.

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