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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Facing bricks and brick - interior in loft spirit

Facing Bricks are usually earthenware, or reconstituted materials, very good for outdoor or indoor decoration. They are great as original façade or as a decoration of interior walls because they bring a spirit of authenticity to each space, being a perfect imitation of real bricks.

Facing bricks are solid and non flammable, the rough aspect they bring inside is very trendy. One brick wall gives a good effect loft decor and unfinished notes that energizes inside. The smooth paint is more modern and the tendency to find innovative solutions for coating the walls continues to surprise with many decor styles - red or white painted brick, the briqus and ornamental plates, panels.

 It is very good to associate the color red facing bricks aves colorful textiles. It warms the atmosphere more and it's up to you to decide if the colors will range pastel or brighter, even garish, imagination will guide you to create a unique space. But what's really cool is that the bricks go well with all styles of equipment - furniture that you choose, if they are made of metal, wood, glass or plastic, will emphasize the beauty of the fine Wall by providing specific stamp. Here we will show you pictures of beautiful interiors themed face brick walls and red brick, just to inspire you and give you great ideas for your next project wallcovering. A simple trick - if you want to make face brick, buy them all at once to have the same cooking and all in one color. For more information, see the offers and advice in this online site.

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