A modern loft in Finland

Certainly seeing this lotf not you stay indifferent. I love to its luminosity. In a country like Finland the sun is scarce but in this loft windows with only 4 fastened securely brightness is very good. If I stop to think, my house has more windows and I do not have much light. 

In general the modern decor of this loft liked it. Broadly conveys much order and manages to create a feeling of comfort. But I can tell just some things that I liked because if you put all you would be reading since tomorrow. Well, one of the things that I really liked this loft is the tree trunks used as tables.
I can assure you that this is one of the decorating trends more upside in 2015. We can see them lately in many decorations and varied uses. Despite what it may seem uncouth, they help convey a natural, fresh and even light feeling.

I also really like the ease with which the living room and kitchen are united. for nothing does not break the continuity of the decor, which if it happens often. And finally I really like having storage solutions. These removable cabinets under the stairs are the most secure and the bedroom closet is the dream of many of you who are reading this. Ahh good, and one more thing, they have the metal cabinet Ikea PS that I like, so as I will love this loft.

I leave you to continue with your visit and let yourselves inspire for your house. Happy week.

A modern loft in Finland A modern loft in Finland Reviewed by Decorator on 12:39 PM Rating: 5

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