Exotic Plants for the Garden - Bougainvillea

The Bougainvillea is one of the most popular climbing plants in the poorer countries. The plant has discovered their original home in South America and in the 19th century during an expedition of the French navigator Louis Antoine Comte de Bougainville and later introduced in Europe. They are called still Bougainville, bougainvillea, Bougainvillié or Drilling flower.

The bougainvillea is beautiful and highly conspicuous by its lush bracts exotic plants. They like the heat, so they can in countries where the temperatures during the cold months fall below 0 degrees Celsius, preferably be planted in pots.

With Bougainvillea can make a real southern paradise on the terrace. It is easy to maintain and with their rapidly growing and vibrant flowers in the Mediterranean countries as a climber very popular. You can see them on fences and facades of houses often.

The Drilling flower is very beautiful even as a container plant. Unfortunately, it is not frost resistant. It is very important that they wintered right. You must not set to dark room in a cool,. Do not worry if the leaves of bougainvillea fail in winter - they grow back in spring.

Some types of Bougainvillea such as Bougainvillea spectabilis be up to 6 feet high. The species still differ in the color and flower form. Whether white, purple, pink or red - the bougainvillea always attracts attention to itself.   

The Bougainvillea is growing quite rapidly in a sunny spot. It forms long tendrils and therefore need trellis as support. After heavy rain, the leaves could turn quickly. The perfect place is where protected from the rain, the plant remains the same and it gets a lot of sunlight. 

The plant must not be hyperhydrated, but when she gets too little water, fall out of not only the green leaves, but also the colorful bracts. there when the roots are only slightly damp is best. This stimulates the growth process of the bracts. 

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