Practical concrete garden stones

The practical is a design, is the better, do not you think? If you are also have this opinion and also to think just about a new garden design, we have found the perfect product for you. These are original concrete garden stones that are wonderfully suited for decorating walls or slopes.

The concrete blocks are called VERDURA® and have several great characteristics per se, which we would like to present in this article along with some design ideas.

For a garden stones of concrete was used, which absorbs the moisture only in small amounts for the preparation of concrete. In this way prevents the stones expire over time.

Also convenient is that the design has been designed so that it can be planted pretty concrete garden stones. So you can create vertical gardens and make inevitable retaining walls for slopes lifelike.
The planting takes place in a hollow, which were developed specifically for this purpose. A so-called lip is visible to the viewer, while the region behind it is filled with soil, to plant the plants.

Offered are various sizes for concrete garden stones. As a result, the walls are individually designed and are suitable for both the private home, as well as for larger projects.  


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