6 low cost DIY for bath

Today I share six lowcost diy to organize and decorate your bathroom.

We started with a handmade bath organizer for your beauty products and household or toilet. In the tutorial the diy play book you will see detailed step by step, for which you need a glass jar, clamps and table ...... not have to be a great handyman to do.

We continue with a bag for dirty clothes he had thrown the eye since I saw her in Yellow Pillows. The result may not seem like me more and more practical. If we add that it is very simple to do .... it's perfect. A frame of wood, which are used for embroidery, and a pillow case are the only materials you'll need. 

It is the turn to a soap dispenser created from a preserving jar. With a little paint you can create this indispensable element in your bathroom countertop. I've created a drawing mustache, but you can make the design as you like .... if you want to know what the process is in this soap dispenser recycling post a jar of preserves.

Gradually we got to the fourth diy, I assure you that is amazing, a composition of mirrors with paper plates. It seems incredible that this composition and design mirror over the sink is created from paper plates with doilies those used for tartar and baking you can find in any bazaar for pennies. Do not miss the full tutorial on the blog home story.

The autonomy of the little kids I find important, so I have included these bags for dirty clothes with cute monsters, that they deposit there the clothes have to go to the washer. Although this idea is a little less lowcost and the rest you'll have to buy the fabric prints, but I think worth it because its price is not high. All information is in the link spoon flower.

We finished our review of these 6 diy low cost to the bathroom with a towel ladder, that you can create yourself with some branches and rope packing. 

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