Bathrooms with wooden beams in sight

Leave the building elements in sight has become a trend that we see very often. Bring something special home, more rugged and authentic, and you can see in rustic style and industry especially. This time we talk about the wooden beams in sight. One element that stands out a lot and can also provide a nice touch to the environment.
In this case we refer to the baths in which these beams have left as part of the decor. Wood adds warmth, but also a touch of ancient, rustic house special unique features. Of course, in an environment where there is usually moisture, the wood should be well treated so it does not affect you.

If you like vintage style with a rustic touch, this is the perfect bathroom. The beams bring personality into space because they seem very old houses of those who have lived many things. So the vintage is perfect for these baths. Chairs of this style in old wood, a basket of mimbra to store towels, and certainly those vintage tubs so beautiful that we can see in many places because they have a special and romantic charm.

In these baths you can also see a clear rustic feel. This can be accentuated by adding other details, such as brick walls and wood furniture natural. Also with a very simple style we will be right, as we see in this bathroom with a concrete floor, wooden floors and white.  

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