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Monday, February 29, 2016

Kitchen Decoration - 20 super modern deco pop art style

Kitchen Decoration in style pop art

Do you expect the device to your kitchen? You need to decide on a style? What would you like more - classic, modern, futuristic? We would like to draw your attention on one particular aspect today: Pop art interior.

There is much that speaks for the Pop Art Kitchen Decoration. First, it distributes through its colorful spots boredom out of the room. Secondly, such a kitchen device works very originally. Thirdly, the extension of the Pop Art Kitchen Decoration is fairly simple. Ultimately fit almost all colors and shapes to somehow - you must find its place as a background or accent.


And you know what? Find the Pop Art Kitchen Decoration in the premises of many Master Chefs. We believe that they perceive them as an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

The Pop Art Kitchen Decoration is obviously a bit younger than the art movement itself. The latter was especially popular in the 60s of the last century. On the basis of everyday images and objects artists created works of art with a bold character and colorful, mostly bright colors.

Andy Warhol is one of the most famous artists of this era. He worked mainly in the field of advertising. Andy Warhol was known for his distinctive Coca Cola and Campbell Soup cup designs.

He also created great images of rock and pop stars of the 60s, like this. Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley and Beatles.

For the Pop Art Kitchen Decoration important is the selection of the right wall colors of the essence. Main color is yellow, and it is paired with red and pink. This selection is purely very practical from a psychological perspective. One feels so comfortable, feels healthy hunger and thirst.


Further experiments with orange and green are very popular. Patterned walls in Pop Art style are also very suitable.

The oversized images are typical of Pop Art since its inception. They are a wonderful choice for the Kitchen Decoration. Images in Pop Art style are a solution if you do not want to draw in one of the typical bright colors on the walls.

Few people know about the possibilities of pop art design in monochrome black and white palette. This possibility is so super fit if you want to look modern and original.

The examples below speak for themselves. They help you to integrate pop art elements in a minimalist interior design.

Furniture in the style of modernity are most suitable for the Pop Art in the Kitchen Decoration. You can experiment with original geometric shapes of the furniture. You can also wonderfully play with the colors.

Colourful tables and chairs are very suitable for a Pop Art design of the kitchen.

You can also find much more for Kitchen Decoration in this style. Look at all the great items at below. They include such a varied choice one, such as unusual clocks and coffee machines. Have fun exploring.

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