Ideas for special bedrooms

Take extra bedroom is no easy task. You have to spend time decorating this space, care of every single detail and getting presented as a balanced whole. It can be difficult to know what elements must be introduced into our bedroom to make this a unique place. We help you...

We show a series of touches that you can implement to achieve special bedrooms. From dose timber, vintage items and even wallpaper striking. Choose yours and change your bedroom.

If we combine materials such as pallets or wooden pallets and stay as the bedroom, we can get such interesting items as headboards pallets. If you're good with a hammer, if you like DIY and want to give a different touch to your bedroom, we encourage you to build a nice headboard. The trick is to measure well, find a pallet that is not too damaged and have patience. The finishes can be very different, since leaving the natural wood, to paint. It's up to you. 

Another option to give character to our room to play with elements such as bedside tables. We can choose different models that provide a fun twist, such as a nightstand table Swing. Those with vintage soul can make a bedside table with old suitcases. And if we are lovers of wood, we like the idea of choosing two logs, sand them and use them as bedside table. 

Check some great ideas in following images. 

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