Diy decorative blackboards on the walls

Decorative boards have become very popular in recent times. In fact, it is increasingly common to see them presiding over the walls of the rooms of some houses. Today we will see some proposals where looks great.

Paramount to know that placing a decorative board in a strategic point of your house can change the decor of this room quickly and easily. Moreover, it is not necessary that you make a large investment of money for it, because it is a very economical decorative appeal. Of course, we will look at the different options for placing slates on your walls.

There are basically two alternatives to the boards, themselves, to consider. A less expensive than the other, but also quality may be different. The first option is to use chalkboard paint on a wall. This type of paint requires a specific treatment, so if you have no knowledge on the subject is best to turn to an expert painter.
Chalkboards painted can be a bit more expensive economically, but the quality they have is superior. In addition, rather they endure the test of time. Which is ideal for this type of paint is going to allow you to create as large as one wishes slates. For example, an entire wall in any room of the house, like the kitchen. Or, even paint an entire room with chalkboard paint.

The next option that we have, if you are planning to go for the decorative boards, is to use the stickers. This type of accessories are perfect for you to place yourself on the walls. But be very careful, because if you do not have proper care can be bubbles and this will not look perfect. Obviously, there are installation companies moving to your home and install the vinyl where you decided.
If you have chosen the option of insurance vinyl you save money and can choose between a lot of different designs. In fact, it is even possible to get vinyl to the refrigerator and other appliances to make them real slates. The idea is perfect and it's great to write your notes by writing directly on the refrigerator.  

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