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Monday, April 25, 2016

20 original and fun ideas for you to use your own photos in decoration

What good is you to have pictures on your camera? Do you have the phone with memory nearly full because of all the photos you've done? Sure you have a folder on your computer with all travel and family photographs but never see ... it's time to bring out to light your memories.

Stop use social networks to see your photos, but also decorate your home with photos so that it is recharged or distracting. You have to do original and fun way, both DIY ideas or innovations that exist in incredible photographic decor in recent times. Cheer up!

 First think if you want something formal or informal. Perhaps depending on the area of the house you go to decorate'll probably go for one or the other. Like the salon prefer to look with black and white, which gives a more serious, classic and elegant touch, and children's rooms or kitchen with color photos. Variety is the spice. You can also choose the photos in sepia tones, it is retro and gives an old air.

If you're going to opt to place the pictures in frames, you should take into account the size of the photos. To a large photograph, fill the back of the sofa, you can buy a large frame, gold or silver, or even wood is a good choice. But if you're going to put several photographs, it is better to use finer and discreet, and even frameless frames.

Did you know today that you can put the doors with photographic prints? It is also easy to change every couple of months, and not expensive. In the bathroom door, kitchen or why not ... the refrigerator. Use a photo that makes you smile when you come home. If you prefer something more flashy, lining an entire wall with a picture of a landscape that relax you or from a street perspective: the result certainly expand the space where you place it.

The collage. It is the best option if, for example, you want to put together a series of photographs of a trip, or photos of friends or family. Purchase a single frame, fills a wall as if it were wallpaper or mount them creating geometric shapes. There are no limits!

If you want to go for the DIY branch, you can create an original clock with photographs. What do you think put photos taken at night at 12, photos of sunset at 9, and photos on the beach at 4? There you can put imagination. You can also use cut-outs of your children to create fun bookmark or be ecofriendly using a branch to design yourself a multiple picture frames.

Most important in this type of decoration is to put lots and lots and lots of imagination, and you choose well the pictures bring you best memories. And the good of this decoration is that you can change it anytime. If you want special photographs for decoration, you can always request the service of cheap photographer. Have fun!     


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