34 wall design ideas for your own home

Wall design ideas with bright colors

With the spring comes in many home residents soon and the insuperable desire to set up the apartment with new wall colors. This is in fact one of the best and most effective methods for the transformation of their own home.

However, the wall design with different colors can be much more interesting than you might think. You can do much more than just repainting the walls. They also have the opportunity to paint interesting figures.

Right now there is a fashion for wall design with triangles. They are combined in the most varied ways. We are experiencing great change also as regards the area which they cover.

Furthermore, many residents opt for the design of an accent wall only with triangles. You can enhance the effect by recording the same pattern on its furniture and decoration.

The triangles can be performed in the most varied shades. You can opt for a relatively subtle and monochrome version, or for combining real flash shades.
The decision is yours. However we would like to point out that the triangle pattern is very strong in themselves. This means that a combination with garish shades could be almost unbearably strong and dominant. In a room with bold triangular patterns around the wall to relax in this setting could be truly impossible.

People who love the minimalist and Scandinavian styles can, starting with the triangle patterns much. This we would however recommend that they opt for larger figures. You can subtly adorn the wall without being affect the uniform and monochrome appearance. The selected colors should be soft and comfortable, and meet above all the general colored version.

Popular are also the wall ideas that are easy to implement and look beautiful. Here it comes again to the appropriate selection of dimensions and shades.
Modern is currently equipping of walls with rectangles, showing different shades of the same color.
Rectangles are suitable for accent walls. They ensure harmony, especially when there are other rectangular furniture in the room. From the correspondence of all these design elements results in a particularly uniform appearance.

Forget the known context of the color scheme. Let come up original and very own ideas. not be afraid to carry it. It is important that you visualize the results well in advance and introduced their effect on the atmosphere in the room exactly.    

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