Women portraits created with leaves and natural elements

Elegant portraits of women made from natural elements
Sister Golden is an original online boutique that celebrates in all respects creativity. Run by Brooke and Vicki, the platform is to be a place to share the enthusiasm for design, art and color; element prefers in unique creations available on the site. The site offers a wealth of hand-made items, high quality and selected with care: home decor, accessories, paintings, prints and much more.

In particular, they have attracted our attention the paintings made by Vicki Rawlins, one of the two founders of the project. Vicki, a passion for drawing and painting, illustrator and graphic designer, creates portraits of women through the assemblage of leaves and various natural elements. The imagination and creativity take over on the art of creating highly original and peculiar portraits of their kind. Leaves, pine cones, real flowers, papier mache flowers, twigs, these and many other elements necessary to create a framework Vicky, who always sees beautiful women as subjects, represented in increasingly poses fine and elegant. The paintings by Vicki Rawlins can be purchased through the area dedicated to the official web site.
To stay up to date on the work of Brooke & Vicki, you can follow their profilo Instagram, a very interesting and colorful account.

Women portraits created with leaves and natural elements Women portraits created with leaves and natural elements Reviewed by Decorator on 11:20 PM Rating: 5

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