Vintage furniture - 3 easy techniques to make wood patina

Vintage furniture, shabby chic and country are very fashionable and look perfect even in a modern setting. But authentic antique furniture are often too expensive. If you want to have vintage furniture cheap and aesthetic, there are some techniques you can use to make them yourself.

  1. This technique is well suited to growing old carved wooden furniture or such that have decorative elements in relief. First apply the wax on these elements or else, all along the edges of furniture. This way the paint will not take well to these places. Then apply a few coats of paint color contrast compared to the color of real wood. Use dark brown to light wood or white or cream off paint for dark wood. Once dried paint, rub the areas you have covered with wax with a woolen cloth to reveal  
  2. In this case, you can use one color or two contrasting colors. Apply a coat of paint dark and dry well. Apply a second coat of paint, but this time, light in color. Before completely dry, rub the area here and there with a damp cloth so that the background color becomes visible. It is super convenient to create surprising color vintage furniture like a dresser or a teal blue console.
  3. You can easily give furniture a used look using sandpaper. This technique for creating vintage furniture is fast, easy and inexpensive. Sand the edges of already painted wooden furniture with sandpaper and some other areas of the surface of your choice. Cover with varnish to preserve the effect. 

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