DIY: New life for tables with only a few coats of paint

How to renew furniture with a little paint and a stencil

The work we are proposing today is very rewarding, because it is very simple and the results are amazing. It has become an outdated furniture in a beautiful oriental style table with paint and a stencil type lace. The hardest thing (if there is something difficult in this step) is to prepare the surface for the new finish.

The furniture is very nice, but the color is too sober, too "heavy". To lighten it, nothing like to use a light color paint-the-white and then enhance it with a nice stencil motif in gold. It is very advisable to apply a sealer before painting the table, because in this way the finishing better. First gently sanding dust is removed and then the primer by brush or roller extends.
Once dry the cabinet, extending the white paint. If it's not a high opacity product, it can take two hands left to dry in between. The legs and table frame are painted in gold. There have been three hand so that the tone remains very intense. The table takes center stage and stop being "a piece of furniture" in the house when, in addition, the cover is decorated with a plant motif made with a stencil template, personalizing.
You can buy the template artistic. It is attached to the cover with masking tape so that it does not move, and a specific stenciling brush is used, with short, blunt bristles, or, as in this case, with a sponge attached to a cork.
Finally I can give it a coat of varnish or colorless wax to protect the furniture. 

DIY: New life for tables with only a few coats of paint DIY: New life for tables with only a few coats of paint Reviewed by Decorator on 10:41 PM Rating: 5

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