Diy Hanging Lamps - craft ideas for every style

Design is often about balance - with the right mix of form and fine-tuning, you can achieve the perfect result in the end. If you want to make Hanging Lamps yourself, you need to start a good idea. Discover the potential in any old object and design unique lamps.

Check out these ideas for homemade hanging lights, you can start today.

 Perfect for spring and summer these electric lime green hanging lamp is easy to imitate. A fresh coat of paint and a lampshade with matching patterns will refresh the room nicely.
 This chandelier in pastel pink shades is perfect for a subtle touch of color to your everyday life. You only need a metal frame of an old lamp shade and paper circles in different shades.
 Another project for the wine lover - a chandelier made from cork. It's amazing how such a simple objects can find a totally new use from everyday life.

 The next idea even combines two functions. Your wine glasses would always be on hand, and can also serve as a nice decoration on the dining table.
 You host a formal dinner for friends and family? Then this elegant chandeliers from doilies could be the perfect festive supplement.

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