Light green gazebo ideas and techniques

The idea to make a beautiful gazebo of willow seems original, but not too simple. To be honest, it is enough to know the basics of creating a gazebo and just starting to stick to the ground rod. When the willow rises to figure out how to organize the tent, it will be easy.
Let's start with the landing. Willow Tree is that even if you just throw it on the ground or put up the roots, it will sprout anyway. Suffice it to moisture.
Since this plant is quite aggressive, the planting of willow under the gazebo is better to limit the land of plastic or special film for weed control, so you then do not have to deal with overgrown willow roots in the garden or near cesspools.
Do not let the willow tree to climb too high. Make timely trimming frame gazebos to the desired height.

Especially warrant shoots at the top. So expect the height of the arbor so that you could reach its highest point when trimming.
In time configure risen sprouts - what is today a tiny twig in the next year is difficult to bend, and a year later stiff timber will grow wherever she pleases.

Therefore, it is necessary to bend the frame seedlings in the dome BEFORE they reach the desired length (do not be afraid to use it usually splits). When they grow up to the desired height, they can be so woody that you do not bend.

You can engage in the creation of several live gazebo.First year to plant saplings for the frame. In subsequent years implanting between the new young seedlings. In fact, you do not live gazebo, you weaving.
The thickness of the seedlings for planting a live arbor of about 1.5 cm. Just the right amount of shears cut twigs and put them in a bucket of water as they will not let the roots.

When planting, the stalks must be recessed into the soil to a depth of 30 cm. It can be used for this purpose iron bar - take a deep hole and delve into it a sapling. Take your time and do not fuss - to form a full-fledged gazebo you will need 2-3 years.

If the result does not suit you. You can just cut everything and start again.

Use your imagination to make a nice living pavilion. Remember that even when you have a gazebo is ready to water it, and cut new seedlings. 


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