8 ideas with recycled doors

We return to the load with Recycling. This time we focus on the old doors. And these elements can also be reused to become beautiful pieces for our home. We can not deny that they are pieces with personality, the kind that we love so much, and at the same time, given that they would be refused, a good economic resource.
The old shutters style doors can be great paravanes recycled. We just put some paint and care in its natural form and structure that will become a great factor of division in our dining room, a real DIY screen.
Glass doors can also be reused. Especially those originally had several glasses. These doors by removing their glasses, will have some very interesting spaces in which to place shelves and so get a nice shelf for our dining room or bedroom. An old wooden door well treated, perhaps with a lick of paint and etched, can be the perfect backdrop for a  table. This composition will be ideal in our hall, becoming a single element full of character.

One of the most interesting options is to convert this door table. We can use in kitchens and dining rooms, depending on their size. They are ideal, as they can be painted any color. Just we need some legs, which may well be easels, and a few chairs. And if we want to innovate, we could add different chairs, to give more dynamism.

Find out some inspiration in followin images.

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