A balcony of aromatic plants

We're in our city and country, it would be unfair to deprive a garden, it would somehow even frustrating. There are some plants which are perfectly adapted to confined spaces, and agree to live in pots or planters. We have a wide range of herbs which through some simple care can offer the pleasure of fresh herbs and a variety of perfumes.

We just have to use some of our time to choose them, and we can get a real garden on our balconies or terraces, which will not be alone, that also decorative. over time you can harvest herbs varied enough to use in stews, salads and even your desserts. In order to be sufficiently durable and pleasant throughout the year, planting has to be a mixture of perennials and other plants called annually, even if we have a large terrace planted laurel and rosemary, which settle in large containers. They live very well on them lasting many years and while providing interesting ways.

Those who start this kind of adventure, beginners, it is advisable to start by cultivating one plant per pot to control a competitive relationship is not raised. Later, it will be entirely feasible and associate a variety of aromatic plants, taking into account the space that we have to live. We have many possibilities to play with the heights, with the shapes of each of the plants, with different forage and combining different perfumes. A beautiful way to decorate your balcony or patio.

The first thing you have to do is choose to install potted herbs. Choose containers, within our means, or containers in which we can make associations, the material is important, avoid plastics. We also inform you of the resistance of plants to frost, and do not forget the pots fit to ensure water drainage, thereby avoid moisture increases are fatal. Wooden containers are best because they provide comfort to the roots, but we have to be very careful in exposing north spoil quickly due to moisture. Remember that the load is limited balconies in about 340 Kg / m2.  
If the balcony is oriented to the north, the best choices are sorrel, lower Pimpernel, chives, mint and wild garlic. If our balcony is oriented to the south, we can plant thyme, parsley, lavender, oregano, mint, sage and coriander among others. When the passage of a few years, we find that our aromatic plants begin to wilt, it will be the sign that the space has outgrown them, for nothing, we take our plants pass on to a friend's garden and start again. 

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