Inspiration tables for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is just around corner, and if we partner have to start thinking about doing something special. We know that leaving a weekend is a great thing, but those unable to do so should devise other things. And for that we give this so great inspiration Valentine tables, to create a special atmosphere in your home.

With a little effort and a few ideas we can all create our special table for Valentine's Day, a day dedicated to love and couples, so you can get carried away by the romantic touches in the decor, but avoid excess, it is clear . And there are various ideas for everyone, not only the traditional red.

Yes, we all know that red is the center of everything in Valentine, and if you do not want to risk is the best choice. Especially since you'll find lots of great ideas for decorating the table and home. But if you want to give another touch to everything, you can decide to use another color and other elements that are not red roses.

Cardboard for Valentines
This is a very original idea, which is that used to decorate the cardboard has that makes everything look so funny DIY. It's a way to show the couple who have done all the work ourselves, using resources such as cardboard. Custom labels and messages are also a good idea.

Pink for Valentines
It is another option, as it is one of the most romantic colors that exist, and it is certainly one of the tones of the year. You can mix different shades to give a fun touch, or use the color white to give elegance.

Valentines color white
Decorate all in white can be simple and chic, but we must add other elements to it is known to be Valentine, like cards, hearts and other details.

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