Garden shower building - 50 inspirational design ideas

Not all have tall trees that cast cool shade of the garden. If you do not want to invest in a sunscreen, you still only an economical alternative to cool - to build a cool shower outdoors. This variant is extremely space-saving and young and old will bring a lot of fun in the hot summer months.

Before you start full of enthusiasm at work, select the right location in the garden. The garden shower needs a water connection - that's why we recommend you to build the shower near the house. Optimal are locations that are shielded well from prying eyes - high wall or fences protect the privacy and can successfully replace the shower. Soon you should decide whether taking a shower drain pipe needs / when it is used regularly by several family members, which is required / or can be easily mounted on the grass. The mobile garden shower is a convenient variant for small gardens. If you anyhow want to build a garden shower that stays outside in the winter, then we advise you to invest in a variant of stainless steel - the material defies easily cold and frost.

If you want to build a garden shower, then it is worth in advance the project to consider in details. We will show you 50 inspiring examples of how you set the outdoor shower in attractive scene.

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