Great Ideas for small gardens

Not everyone has the luck to have large and beautiful gardens. However, if we have a small patio or deck, we have enough to build our small garden space. A place that have nothing to envy the large gardens.
These gardens can be built in the garden or detached, in the way of the front door to the fire door. A full green path in which we can put countless pots of many colors and endless green plants of great content.

If our space is further reduced, we can choose a vertical garden with delicious items such as ladders, large or small. Thanks to them we can put a large number of pots in a small space, creating our unique urban garden.

Originality can contribute a lot to our small garden. Notice that solution they have been granted to the bottom of this tree. They have managed to create a star filled with flowers taking advantage of a space that would be occupied by the shade of the tree. They have added various decorative elements like an old bicycle.

Water fountains and stone pathways are still part of our favorite solutions. With these resources to get freshness to our yard. So they are an option as recommended.

There are a number of options to create your own vertical garden. The stairs that we mentioned earlier are not alone. Thus, we can find decorative items already created that anchor our wall pots. Look at this excellent example that besides using a large number of plants form the image of a real tree.

Finally, this great pyramid-based panels and planters. It is ideal to create our small orchard. For those who want to eat healthy and natural with garden produce.   

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