Garden accessories: creative DIY ideas for the garden

A few more DIY Ideas for the Garden
With the advent of summer, updates the issue Landscaping. The long winter period always brings any damage with it. The one or the other corner does not look so appealing.

You have to renew all each new season again and again but not necessarily. The things are often very good as they are. You need to be a little refreshed. Here the ingenious DIY ideas come to the fore.

hey are fairly simple. So it may be that some are already occurred to you. But others will probably still quite new. Let yourself doing more time to think, to invent something original and beautiful. So the best DIY ideas emerge.
Hanging bottles

We think it's always fascinating what you could create from wine bottles for a great decoration. They need practically only this and perhaps a little metal wire to hang them up. If you have several hang together, they can make great noise when windtails.

Colored tiles in the stairwell

Do you need to replace the tiles on the stairs anyway? By some colored pieces to reach a more personal and quiet fuller character. Why be the only just in the garden can not afford?

DIY ideas for vases and plant containers
Just think about how many great vases and plant containers could be done from a practical desired object? So if you have a lamp shade or old glass, make the most of it. Add a bit of earth and your favorite plant added, drill depending on usage maybe some holes a. Then you've got them all done.

Old rusted objects can provide romance

You have a light or some other object, which is rusted? If yes, then you should not throw this away necessarily. A great DIY decoration idea you can spice it wonderfully and make the mood in the garden really romantic. If it is a garden lamp, it can still be filled with colorful glass pieces and balls.

A separate thematic area

There's always these corners in the garden, which cry out that certain "extra" you make of it. But we often do not know what this has accurately represent. Think in themes! Maybe you can make a corner for the children or leave work an area in the garden antique. Then come to the matching DIY decorative ideas automatically.

Love Knitting in your decor?

Perhaps you have a DIY technique that you love? Then fill it so that the entire space in the garden. Let's say you like to knit. Search but some substances, which are suitable for outdoor use. Well, why not surprise so many beautiful objects as you create it, a great piece of clothing!

Pallets and vertical gardens

We would like to you to the end of the article even once point out the wide possibilities in the form of pallets and vertical gardens. From the first one can make almost all kinds of garden furniture. Vertical garden areas are in high demand lately and as a great eye out just popular.

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