DIY projects: tree trunk in the form of decorative flower pots

Tree trunk in the form of decorative flower pots
One no longer living plant may be another that is in the middle of their development, wonderfully accommodate. Everything in nature transforms, but does not lose its importance and meaning. That's only part of the deeper messages that contain in the examples today.

At the same time we come back to the issue of duplicate functionality. It is a strongly spreading tendency in recent years. You will likely cause you functionally at home want to have everything twice. Whether this is good or bad? This judgment we want to keep it to ourselves for the first time!

Tree trunk and Decoration

At first glance, the tree trunk Deco met as such no dual function in-house. But our present example has exactly the opposite. One can determine some great tree trunks at home decor items. At the same time they could also spice up and let them take the function of a flower planter. To have the beauty of the tree trunks at home and need no additional space for container plants. They continue to represent such a great touch to any room that you would need little more decoration.

Materials for the tree trunk Deco floral containers
- Tree trunk with the dimensions of a normal flower pot whose diameter is at least 15cm
- Drilling for forms of wide openings
- Large spatula
- Paper Adhesive
- Color Spray at its option
- paint
- Small plastic container

How would you proceed?
Before drafting you have to make a few things. When the tree trunk is resting on a piece of furniture, this water must not leak. You also must not forget that over time the wood begins to rot. That's why you need a vessel with the appropriate dimensions and can search for this signature in the log.

You do the same: Use the drill to form a hole in the tree trunk into it. Make this with the dimensions of the plastic vessel. The latter must exactly fit in into the tree trunk hole. Smooth out with the spatula the entire area. Cover the half from the tree trunk by adhesive and spray a paint. If you remove the tape, you'd have a very colorful result. Wear a colorless paint and you could also spice up with shades and figures everything.

What plants have into it?
This flower pot has no opening for the excess water. So the roots from rotting are not threatened. That is the reason why you can not use any plant in this tree trunk. Rather, it should take the form Aloe or cactus. These are very suitable, because they should not be very often poured.

Tree trunk decoration for the table

The tree trunk Deco can be wonderful also attached to many festive occasions to the table. You can use it as a great flower vases such Deko so. The conversion ability and the right to not too long persistence in this case, makes it possible to develop one's own imagination.

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