30 Decoration ideas with cactus

We are a little bad with plants, except with cactus, very resistant and suitable for gardening disasters like us. Today I bring you some ideas for decorating with cactus and some other Do it yourself ... You want to know more about this type of plant and how to incorporate them at home? Continue reading ...

The advantage of cactus is characterized by survival in extreme drought conditions, making their care not take long, just have to water them when we see that the earth begins to be somewhat dry. Cacti support better water scarcity excess. Too high humidity the plant will die.

A nice way to have our home is decorating cactus pots. The first option is to decorate the pot with different patterns. We can also choose to decorate the pots in two colors, the last option in mint and gold love. Only we need to paint the colors we have chosen and masking tape to delimit a color other and said separation is us straight.

Since discovering the greenhouse Ikea shaped house I completely fell in love with it and I brought it home. It's a great choice to have our cactus inside, especially if there are children or pets at home very nosy, so avoid unexpected punctures ...
You noticed that I cheat with cactus and there is an intruder! This is a cactus made of wool by the fantastic hands of my mother. It is the best choice to have plants at home ...   

We say goodbye for today, but first we would like to know what are your tricks to get pretty well or if, as plants have given up and just have easy plants to care at home. 

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